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Sunrise Remodeling specializes in home remodeling and condo remodeling projects in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the surrounding areas.

No project is too big or too small!

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Bathroom Remodeling:
The proof is in the putting. Our years of local experience really shine in our robust bathroom remodeling portfolio. From comprehensive overhauls to focused modernizations, we keep your vision in the forefront and address every little detail. Click here to view photos and details.

Cabinet Remodeling:
Need a facelift? In our experience, throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not always a right move! Consult with Sunrise Remodeling and we can help you create an eye-catching esthetic for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Sometimes the baby goes, but sometimes its only the bathwater! Click here to view photos and learn more.

Kitchen Remodeling:
Looking for a breath of fresh air or a change of scenery? Sunrise Remodeling will consult with you on the brands, styles and colors that will work best in your new kitchen. We can help you create a touch of county or a sleek modern design! Click here to view photos and get more details.

Custom Shower Enclosures:
Bring in the light and space! Traditional bathtub/shower combinations can be a waste of functional space. Glass shower enclosures add the perception of space whether it’s there or not.  It’s a win-win for the one room in your house that’s dedicated to your daily hygiene and health. Share your vision and we can make it a reality. Click here to view examples of our work.

Tray Ceilings:
Raise the roof! Opening up your kitchen or bathroom by creating a tray ceiling will give the appearance of additional space. Lighting and ceiling fan fixtures have more room, and you and your guests will feel the additional space created by adding this feature to your rooms. Click here to view examples of our work.

Travertine Stone Work:
Sunrise Remodeling specializes in custom Travertine countertops and floors. Easily cleaned and stunning to see, Travertine stone work is best installed by experienced professionals. Consult with us about your color and texture ideas and we can source the best materials. Click here to view photos and learn more.

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