Southwest Florida Custom Cabinets

Southwest Florida Custom Cabinets

Custom, high-quality cabinets can be the finishing touch that turns an ordinary home into a beautiful show-stopper.

In Southwest Florida, Custom Cabinets from Sunrise Remodeling stand apart from all others.

What’s the difference between factory-made “assembly line” cabinets and the locally made, 100% custom cabinets we specialize in?

Not-quite custom cabinets are basically off-the-shelf cabinets with minor customizations made to enhance their appearance or make them fit different spaces. They are not built locally, but rather ordered from “cabinet factories” who turn out thousands of doors and cabinet frames every day…

Then have them shipped to our area in pieces and assembled.

They’re also often made from cheap, unreliable materials that are prone to wear and tear. They aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and when discovered by an inspector, these cabinets will not add value to your home.

True custom cabinets from Sunrise Remodeling are planned, designed, and built from scratch in our local Fort Myers cabinet shop specifically for your home!

We’re the ONLY remodeling company in Southwest Florida with our own in-house, dedicated custom cabinet shop. Our skilled team can build cabinets in any height and width, and in a massive variety of different materials and colors to match any home design.

So if you aren’t getting them from us, they’re not truly custom!

Learn more about the custom cabinet solutions we offer in specific locations by visiting the links below:

Our cabinet team can custom build cabinets (to fit any size configuration) which can then be professionally installed by our talented remodeling team.

Often, our pricing is on par with other local options (or even lower!) even though other vendors often bulk order pre-fabricated “not so custom” cabinets from other states.

Sunrise Remodeling’s custom cabinet solutions aren’t limited to just the kitchen or the bathroom, but can also be built for any other room where you may want them, including your garage, lanai, or other shared areas of your Southwest Florida home.

Have a home office?

That’s another great opportunity where custom cabinets can make a big difference in the value and “WOW” factor of your home, and can also help you keep your workspace clutter-free.

Today’s discriminating homeowner is looking for a unique design, quality craftsmanship, and clean, reliable, professional installation.

Sunrise Remodeling has taken these ideals to a new level. By building truly custom cabinets in our one-of-a-kind shop, we have made it possible for homeowners to make their vision a reality. Our insall team is reliable, clean, and professional at all times.

Are you ready to see what we can do for your Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, or Naples home?

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