Southwest Florida Bathroom Remodeling

fort-myers-bathroom-remodeling-servicesSouthwest Florida bathroom remodeling projects need to be addressed with our lovely lifestyle and environment in mind.

Smaller spaces have further considerations as well, and at Sunrise Remodeling, we specialize in walking our customers through all the options, such as:

We advise getting rid of the tub if you’re dealing with a small bathroom.

Even a regular sized tub can be a space hog in even the most modestly sized bathroom.  If you can swing it, go for a frameless glass door on your shower as it makes the space appear larger and is often much more affordable than you may think..

Consider choosing toilets, sinks, vanities and fixtures that are in alignment with the overall feel of your home. Wall-mounted toilets are sleek and contemporary, but they may not fit into a traditionally stylized bathroom.

Try something more simple in cases like this.

Choose lighter colors to make smaller spaces appear bigger.  Dark colors make spaces shrink and if you are already lacking space, the lighter colors will help. If space is not an issue then look at all your options.  Ask around to find out what materials are the most functional while showing off your style.

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